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Impressionistic Composers A to Z
Name Quick Bio Detail Bio
Boulanger (/Romantic) Lili 1893-1918 France Boulanger Sisters
Caplet André 1878-1925 France
Debussy Claude 1862-1918 France Classic Music Pages
Debussy page
Hearts Ease Bio
Falla (/Romantic) Manuel de 1876-1946 Spain
Hearts Ease Bio
Griffes Charles 1845-1920 America
Ibert (/Contemporary) Jacques 1890-1962 France
Ireland (/Romantic) John 1879-1962 England Ireland home page
Ireland page
Jean Paul n/a n/a n/a
Milhaud (/Contemporary) Darius 1892-1974 France
Hearts Ease Bio
Palmgren (/Contemporary) Selim 1878-1951 Finland Palmgren page
Ravel Maurice 1875-1937 France Maurice Ravel home page
Classicl Music Pages
Ravel page
Hearts Ease Bio
Roussel (/Contemporary) Albert 1869-1937 France Roussel home page
Roussel page
Scott (/Contemporary) Cyril 1879-1970 England Scott page
Szymanowski (/Contemporary) Karol 1882-1937 Poland
Szymanowski page
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